Steps to Enhancing Communication with a Person with Dementia

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Communication is one of the biggest challenges you face when someone you care about has dementia. Dementia care requires an abundance of compassion and patience. When done right, dementia care can also be tremendously rewarding as you help your loved one feel comfortable, safe, and cared for at all times. In Monmouth County, New Jersey, you also have at your disposal memory care facilities offering specialized care and treatment interventions for people with dementia. Facilities like Jersey Shore also offer the opportunity for caregivers to understand what dementia care means for them. Here are some steps for enhancing communication with someone who has dementia.
    1. Practice patience.

      A lot of the burden of responsibility falls on you when communicating with a person who has dementia. If you seem upset, react in a way that exposes your frustration or fear, or grow tired of repeating yourself, then you are shutting down the possibility of improving communication with the person you care about. Developing patience with a person with dementia is crucial for helping your relationship, and it will make you feel better, too. Professionals who work with people with dementia understand more than anything the value of patience when enhancing communication with dementia patients.

    2. Understand.

      People with dementia have trouble saying exactly what they are thinking because of the way their brain is working. Often a person with dementia will say surprising or shocking things, such as talking about their just having met someone who you know has passed away. When these kinds of situations happen, don’t be alarmed, but do observe their behavior and make sure the person is safe and comfortable and does not act on any irrational thought or belief.

    3. Make sure basic needs are met.

      A person with dementia might not know how to express basic needs, even simple ones like hunger or needing the toilet. Making sure they have a regular schedule and professional supervision can help enhance communication and prevent problems.

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