Dementia Care In Monmouth County

Dealing with Dementia: It is Not the Same as Simple Age-Related Memory Loss

Once you hit a certain age, you almost take it for granted that memory loss is a natural part of aging.  Whether that means searching for your glasses while they are on your head or forgetting the name of someone you have met before, you have probably had your share of “senior moments.”  However, this normal decline in memory as you age is not the same as dementia.  Dementia is a chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes.  Symptoms of dementia can include personality changes, impaired reasoning, and memory loss.

The most well-known cause of senior dementia is Alzheimer’s Disease, but there are actually a number of different age-related disorders that can cause dementia.

Dementia can be a challenge for caregivers.  In its early stages, it may only signal moderate memory loss and have a very little impact on day-to-day functioning.  However, as the disease progresses, it can lead to confusion and forgetfulness that put a person’s health and safety in danger.  At Jersey Shore Adult Day Health Care Center, our team has plenty of experience handling clients with dementia. We can help deal with the symptoms, without ever losing sight of the fact that all of our clients are adults who deserve respect and consideration.

Providing door-to-door service for clients throughout Ocean and Monmouth counties, we are a great resource for the caregiver who has to work and the senior who needs daytimes supervision, enrichment, and health monitoring.

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