Questions to Ask When Choosing a Memory Care Facility

People acquire a number of conditions the older they get. Many are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. If you’re looking for care solutions, it might be time to look around for the right memory care facility in Monmouth County. Here are some of the questions you might want to ask to help you choose the best one:

How much will it cost?

Make sure you ask upfront about the costs. Try to determine if there are any hidden charges or fees. If you’re under a tight budget, you might want to consider asking your medical insurance provider for a list of accredited institutions.

How far is it?

If you’re still taking care of your loved one and just looking for day care facilities to manage his/her care while you’re at work or running errands, then a nearby facility is always the best option to go for. If it takes you more than an hour to reach the facility, that isn’t very convenient and can add to your stress and exhaustion. Best to choose a location that’s just an hour or less away.

What kind of services do they offer?

Many care facilities organize activities that help stimulate your loved one’s higher brain functions. These can effectively slow down the mental degeneration common in patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. So your loved ones can stay mentally fit and active for as long as possible.

What other services should I look for?

You’ll want to check these out carefully. A good memory care facility in Monmouth County will offer more than meal preparation assistance and stimulating activities. They’ll also offer access to testing laboratories onsite. If you want to make sure you’re updated on your loved one’s condition, those laboratories are going to make it easy for you to monitor and keep an eye on the progress of your loved one’s disease.

What kind of training does the staff have?

Your loved one will spend most of his/her time with the staff. So they have to be qualified, with the right credentials and training, to get the job done. This way, you know your grandparents or parents are getting the proper assistance and care they need.

So if you’re looking for a care facility in your area, reach out to us at Jersey Shore Adult Day Care today. With a dedicated team and a range of services, we’re more than equipped to provide the care and assistance your loved one needs.

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