Payment Options & Financial Assistance for Senior Care

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When considering fsenior care options, your first concern will be quality of care. However, another one of your top considerations is going to be related to finances. How do you arrange payment, request and receive financial assistance, and provide ongoing care for yourself or your elders? The payment options and financial assistance for adult day care, home health care, assisted living, or residential care facilities will also be different. Extra financial assistance may also be available for low-income families. Here are some of the payment options and financial assistance for senior care in New Jersey.
    1. Medicaid Waivers and Programs.

      Medicaid is a program specifically designed for low-income residents, and includes institutional and long care plans. Your income will be considered when applying for these programs in New Jersey. If you need financial assistance, Medicaid Managed Care and the New Jersey Personal Preference Program (PPP) may be of interest to you.

    2. Other State assistance programs.

      In New Jersey, residents have access to a number of alternative payment options and financial assistance programs for senior care other than Medicaid. These include the New Jersey Assistance for Community Caregiving (JACC), which helps promote independent living, and the New Jersey Statewide Respite Care Program (SRCP), which is for caregivers. If your elder needs adult day care for Alzheimer’s, then the New Jersey Alzheimer’s Adult Day Care Services can provide some financial assistance.

    3. If you live in Monmouth County, you can ask the staff at Jersey Shore Adult Day Care Center what your options are for payment programs. With a little patience, you can learn about affordable long term care options for seniors needing assistance with independent living or long term care in a managed facility. The payment options will vary depending on the situation and the needs of the individual.

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