A Holistic Approach Towards Dementia Care: Dementia Care at Jersey Shore Adult Day Health Care Center

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When you have a loved one with dementia, it can be difficult to find dementia care that approaches dementia as a holistic issue. As a family member, you realize that the decline in cognitive functioning that is a hallmark of dementia has a whole-life impact on your loved one. You can see how dementia is more than memory-loss or forgetfulness. It can impact mood, affect, appetite, the ability to get your loved one exercising, social interactions, and even the ability to find out when your loved one is not feeling well. Because dementia is a disease that can impact a person’s entire life, to work with dementia patients, you need a healthcare provider that is willing to take a holistic approach. At Jersey Shore Adult Day Health Care Center, we know that dementia impacts all aspects, not just of the patient’s life, but also of the caregivers’ lives. That is why we offer are proud to be one of the few facilities offering a comprehensive approach to dementia care in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

The key to our holistic approach

The key to our holistic approach? Our multi-disciplinary team of elder-care professionals. Headed by a nurse and a primary care physician, this team assess patient needs to develop a comprehensive care plan. Patients are regularly reevaluated to ensure that their care needs are always being met. In addition to specialized care components that may be part of an individual’s plan, each of our patients receives three nutritious meals each day, assistance with daily living needs, transportation to doctors’ appointments, the use of an on-site beauty parlor/ barber shop, and planned activities designed to help combat the progression of dementia and possibly even increase cognitive function.

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