Tips For Choosing the Best Dementia Care Facility in Monmouth County, NJ

Dementia is a sad diagnosis for anyone, but these days there are adult care facilities that specialize in patients with this serious illness, so in many ways the disease can actually be stalled somewhat if you find the right caregivers. Finding high-quality dementia care in Monmouth County, NJ means, first and foremost, making sure the patient has been properly diagnosed by a physician who specializes in this illness. After diagnosis, treatment is usually discussed, and treatment methods can vary according to the patient and the severity of the disease. At Jersey Shore Adult Day Health Care Center, our physicians and staff have extensive experience in dementia and other brain diseases so we can both diagnose and treat the patient, improving some of the symptoms of dementia over time.

Choosing the Best Facility

Choosing a facility for the dementia patient means taking certain aspects into consideration including the overall health of the patient, the patient’s safety needs, and the specifics of the patient’s illness, such as his or her basic ability to care for himself or herself, deciding which (if any) social activities would benefit the patient, activities that the patient may need assistance with such as cooking and using certain appliances, and any special needs the patient might have. The best dementia care requires considering all of these aspects, as well as others, so that both the patient’s physical and emotional needs are met.

Interviewing adult care facilities should be the first thing you do when you can no longer care for a family member with dementia. At Jersey Shore Adult Care Center, we are happy to provide you with a tour of our facility, and you can ask us any questions you like while you are there. We can also discuss with you the specifics of your family member’s situation, so that together we can decide if the patient would benefit from our care. We specialize in brain diseases and dementia care for people in various stages of illness, so we know what will work best for you and your family.

Other Tips for Choosing the Right Center for You

When choosing a dementia care facility, other things to look for include checking testimonials and references, ascertaining the exact services offered, making sure they conduct background checks on all employees, making sure they specialize in the care of dementia patients, and making sure that you tour every part of the facility including the dining facilities, the activity area, and the patient rooms.

Dementia and Alzheimer patients need varying degrees of assistance, and ensuring that the facility you are considering can handle all of their needs is crucial. Only by placing him or her in the right facility will the patient be able to improve his or her overall condition so that from now on, he or she can be healthy and happy.

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