Combating Confusion In Monmouth County

Combating Confusion: Establishing Order and Routine to Help Combat Confusion

Although most people are aware that memory loss is a common sign of dementia, you may not know that confusion is another common type of cognitive impairment.  Confusion can be moderate or it can be severe, and it often gets worse later in the day.  Helping people deal with the challenges presented by confusion can be tricky, because the confusion may mean that they do not recognize caregivers or their surroundings.  Fortunately, there are some well-tested strategies that have proven successful in helping people deal with confusion.

Staying calm, offering brief explanations, and offering compassionate understanding are all ways to show respectful care to a person experiencing confusion.  However, respectful care, on its own, is not enough to ensure safety.  Those who experience significant confusion may inadvertently put themselves at risk.  For example, a common confusion-related dementia problem is wandering, which is when someone is unable to find his or her way back to the starting point after leaving for a routine walk or errand.

The potential for these problems means that people who are experiencing confusion need sufficient supervision to ensure that they cannot get lost or inadvertently harm themselves.  At Jersey Shore Adult Day Health Care Center, our team of specialists can develop an individualized care approach that can ensure the safety of your loved one, while also working to provide the type of cognitively challenging stimuli that has proven beneficial in retaining brain function.

If you live in Ocean or Monmouth counties, contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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