Substance Abuse and Addiction In Monmouth County

Substance Abuse and Addiction: The Secret Problem Plaguing Many Seniors

If you are the caregiver for a senior with a substance abuse problem, you have probably seen your share of frustration.  While some of the stigmas of addiction has been erased, the reality is that today’s seniors grew up in a time when addiction and substance abuse were viewed as moral failings, rather than as medical issues.  As a result, they were often reluctant to seek help for any substance abuse problems.  Added to that, many substances that we now know to be highly addictive were considered “safe” and were prescribed to many of today’s seniors.

The result is not only that many of today’s senior citizens struggle with substance abuse problems, but also that they struggle alone, attempting to hide their problem from others and expecting their family members and caregivers to hide it as well.  However, when it comes to ensuring comprehensive medical care for a person, it is important to be honest about any underlying substance abuse issues.  Substance abuse can take a significant toll on the body, and make medications that are safe for most people particularly dangerous.  For example, Tylenol is considered a routine and safe painkiller, but it can have a deadly impact on a patient dealing with a compromised liver because of alcohol abuse.

At Jersey Shores Adult Day Health Care Center, we bring experience and compassion to our interactions with those struggling with substance abuse issues in Ocean and Monmouth counties.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you provide care for a senior dealing with substance abuse and its related complications.


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