Dizziness Treatment In Monmouth County

Dealing with Dizziness: Helping You Stop Your World from Spinning

While dizziness is not its own disease or disorder, it is a fairly common symptom in an aging population.  Dizziness is characterized by painless head discomfort and can include things such as lightheadedness, vertigo, and feeling unsteady.  There are a number of possible causes for dizziness, including vision problems, inner-ear issues that can impact balance, gastrointestinal disorders, and brain disorders.  While finding and treating the causes, when possible, is an important part of a total health care approach, it is equally important to handle the symptoms while they are occurring.  Dizziness can have a number of different impacts, from making it unsafe to drive to make a person a fall-risk.

In seniors, the risk of fall is not to be taken lightly, since falls can mean broken bones that lead to long recovery periods and put overall health at risk.  At Jersey Shore Adult Day Health Care, we often work with clients who suffer from dizziness, whether as a temporary condition or a longer-term problem with undiagnosed origin.  We have a program that ensures that these adults can engage in low-risk physical activities and social events, while still reducing the risk of falls and secondary injuries.

Dizziness is a frustrating symptom, but it does not mean you have to put your life on hold.  If you live in Ocean or Monmouth counties, contact us today to find out how we can help your world stop spinning.


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