Diabetes Care In Monmouth County

When Sugar Is Not Sweet: Diabetes Care at Jersey Shore Adult Day Health Care Center

Diabetes is the medical name for when your blood sugar (glucose) is too high.  This can be caused by the failure of your body to make insulin, which is called type 1 diabetes, or by your body either not making or using insulin well.  This is because insulin, a hormone that is normally produced in the pancreas, is necessary to convert glucose from food into energy.

Elevated blood sugar levels can cause serious health problems in the long-term, making it critical that patients with diabetes engage in active monitoring, appropriate medication when necessary, and food and exercise choices that can decrease their chances of blood sugar spikes.   In addition, when combined with other diseases, diabetes can be part of the metabolic disorder, greatly increasing a patient’s risk of death or serious illness.

Whether suffering from complications from diabetes or simply dealing with the challenges of diabetes in addition to other conditions, Jersey Shore Adult Health Care Center is able to provide the type of regular monitoring, healthy food, and access to care that are critical to diabetes sufferers.  Serving communities throughout the Ocean and Monmouth County areas, we offer we understand how heart disease impacts patients, and how heart disease interacts with other conditions and can provide top quality care for heart disease patients in a warm, friendly, engaging environment.

Serving Monmouth and Ocean counties, we provide a full level of services to our clients, including door-to-door transportation.

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