Dealing With Depression In Monmouth County

More than the Blues: Let Jersey Shore Adult Day Health Care Center Help You Navigate the Rough Waters of Depression

Depression.  We do not talk about it enough, but it is one of the diseases that most commonly impact today’s seniors.  Whether you have suffered from depression off-and-on for a lifetime, or whether the stressors associated with aging have triggered depression, there are many things about the aging process that are linked to an increased risk of depression.

It is common for depression to accompany a diagnosis of any other debilitating medical condition, many of which are common as people age, and the major life changes that often accompany aging, such as the loss of a spouse or no longer being able to live independently, are considered triggers for the disease.  Although there is no magic bullet that can fix depression, it is well established that certain factors increase the risk of depression and may increase its severity as well.  Isolation is one of the major risk factors for depression in adults.

At Jersey Shore Adult Health Care Center, one of our basic goals is to provide a warm, nurturing environment for seniors during the daytime when caregivers are unable to provide that environment, helping avoid some of the isolation associated with parts of the aging process.  However, our approach to depression does not end with providing company for our clients.  Instead, we take a comprehensive approach to mental health and work with healthcare providers to incorporate any suggested modifications into our care regime.

A typical treatment plan for depression may include increasing physical activity, therapy or support groups, and medication; our comprehensive model ensures that you have access to that care.   While we are all down every once in a while, dealing with depression is more serious than just having the blues.

Contact us today to find out how Jersey Shore Adult Day Health Care Center can help you manage your symptoms.


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