Cancer Diagnosis In Monmouth County

Cancer Attacks More than Just Your Body: Jersey Shore Adult Day Health Care Center Can Help Restore You Physically and Emotionally

While any medical diagnosis can be frightening, there is something particularly dreadful about hearing the word “cancer.”  This dread is reasonable since today’s seniors can remember a time when the diagnosis was usually a death sentence.  However, not every cancer diagnosis means the same thing.

Cancer is an umbrella term referring to any diseases caused by the uncontrolled division of certain types of cells in the body.  These cells crowd out healthy cells.  Cancers are named for their organs or locations of origin so that cancer that begins in the lungs will be called lung cancer, even if that cancer has spread to other organs.  In determining the severity of a cancer diagnosis as well as the treatment plan, several factors are considered, including the type of cancer and whether or not cancer has spread through the body.

In an elderly population, sometimes the recommended course of treatment is a watch-and-wait approach because not all cancers are aggressive or fast-growing.  For other types of cancers, the recommended approach is a multi-front medical assault on the cancerous cells.  Whether you are dealing with the emotional impact of a recent cancer diagnosis or struggling to deal with the physical side-effects of cancer treatment, Jersey Shore Adult Health Care Center can help you handle your cancer diagnosis.

Our comprehensive medical approach ensures that you will get the healthy food you need and the medical follow-up care and medications you need for recovery, while our activity programming helps keep you from withdrawing.

With door-to-door services for patients throughout Ocean and Monmouth counties, we can help you even if you are struggling with temporary limits on your own independence.  Contact us today to find out what role Jersey Shore Adult Day Health Care Center can play in your cancer recovery.


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