Arthritis Care In Monmouth County

More than Just Joint Pain: How Jersey Shore Adult Day Health Care Center’s Comprehensive Approach Can Help You Manage Arthritis

Arthritis is a catch-all phrase that describes joint pain or joint disease but actually refers to a number of different illnesses with different causes.

What these illnesses have in common is that they can lead to joint pain, swelling, stiffness, and a decreased range of motion that can have a mild to severe impact on mobility.  In addition to impacting the joints, some types of arthritis may also impact other organs, including the heart, eyes, lungs, and kidneys.  Because symptoms of arthritis can “come and go” and are impacted by outside factors, such as the weather, a person with arthritis may experience mild discomfort one day and significant impairment another day.

At Jersey Shore Adult Health Care Center, we understand the different types of arthritis and are familiar with working with treatment approaches for those types.  Whether focusing on the dietary restrictions that can help manage metabolic arthritis (gout) or immunological challenges for other types of arthritis, we can help you incorporate those into a healthy lifestyle.

We are also focused on balancing your need to move and the fact that moderate exercise is beneficial for those with arthritis with the fact that too much movement can exacerbate symptoms.

To find out how our adult daycare approach can help patients in the Ocean and Monmouth County areas, contact us today.


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